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And quick frankly - it's AWESOME
It's going to have a whole heap more of MY help and support too

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We're GOING TO cover EVERY type of marketing

First,  we going deep to make sure your marketing foundations are right. 

This is the stuff that makes the real difference when you’re marketing your business. It’s the magic we create when we work with you one-on-one. And it’s here, right here, in this course.

I’ve worked with thousands of small business owners. Through this I’ve developed a way of explaining marketing with a minimum amount of jargon and complicated explanations. You’ll be able to understand marketing in a new way. 

Once we’ve worked through the big stuff, you’ll learn about each type of marketing, and make the call : Add to your action plan, or consciously put that type of marketing aside. 


Access to this Mega Marketing Course also includes:

  • Lifetime access so you can work at your own pace and  revisit every year
  • Time with me, Rachel Klaver to check your strategy, ask questions and get personalised feedback.
  • Access to our  community to share ideas, and ask questions
  • Templates and support materials plus ongoing freebies and discounts to support your marketing

It’s time to take control of your marketing

It’s time to get results from all your hard work

Together we will write your marketing strategy and action plan.

this 12 week course will only be $166.75 a week for 12 weeks

PLUS – YOu get lifetime access AND support.


Your course creator

Rachel Klaver’s mission is to make it possible for any business owner to understand and take control of their own marketing.

She is a marketing strategist who loves making marketing accessible to any small business owner wanting to grow their business. She’s a teller of secrets, a sharer of insight and a lover of cool ideas.

This course has been created using the same format and structure she and her strategy team at Identify use to work one on one with clients, or in group programme.

You can also check out her podcast, her regular events, her weekly column on Stuff, and her other courses and resources

Here's what students are saying:

I found completing the My Map It Marketing Strategy school online really helpful. First, by doing it myself, I could think about my company's direction and what was important for me. Then having one-on-one sessions with Rachel helped solidify that. She provided more detailed guidance and focus that I could not have done myself. This involved some great ideas from Rachel on my company strategy, improving my website to make it sing and providing much more marketing-focused language.
llison Fisher change coach
Allison Fisher

Rachel’s input as we set up our new business has been invaluable. We collect memories to write family stories. I come from a sales background so had some understanding of marketing but had specific questions for how to market our business in this ever changing technical world. Rachel is up to date with all the latest tools and techniques.

We had two one hour personal zoom sessions with Rachel and accessed her online Marketing school. The first session cleared the marketing road blocks we had struck. Next, I used her videos to revisit our business plan. Our plan became more focused, relevant to current technology and fit for purpose as a result. At our second personal session, we reviewed our new website and asked technical questions. We improved our website structure and upskilled technically.

We felt supported, gained business insight, learnt things we did not know we needed to learn and made significant improvements to our business. Often they were things we were aware of but did not quite know how to address. Rachel was also fun so we laughed as we learnt, always a good thing.

We believe our investment has added value to us and our business. We will certainly use Rachel again and have no hesitation in recommending her.