You Need a Marketing Strategy


You're not quite ready to work with an expert one-to-one

We got you.

If you are ready to start marketing with confidence, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to make sure you know who you are talking to, what you’ll sell them, and what messages they need to hear from you to trust you, and buy from you. 

I’ve taken exactly what we do with our clients, and added in all the things I think about when I’m writing a strategy with someone one on one, and turned it into a step-by-step, completely self directed marketing strategy course. This is my brain, downloaded into over two hundred lessons (short ones!)

I’m with you all the way as you step through writing your own marketing strategy and action plan 

This is not your average “marketing course”

Most marketing courses teach tactics and show you how to take action.

We do that too but we also do MORE. 

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    We cover EVERY type of marketing

    First,  we’re going deep to make sure your marketing foundations are right. 

    This is the stuff that makes the real difference when you’re marketing your business. It’s the magic we create when we work with you one-on-one. And it’s here, right here, in this course. 

    I’ve worked with thousands of small business owners. Through this work I’ve developed a way of explaining marketing with a minimum amount of jargon and complicated information.

    With the My Map it Marketing course you will:

    Access to this Mega Marketing Course also includes:

    • Lifetime access so you can work at your own pace and  revisit every year
    • Quarterly free digital marketing updates (a recording of our paid quarterly  webinar)
    • Access to our Facebook community to share ideas, and ask questions
    • Discounts to our specialist courses and webinars

    It’s time to take control of your marketing

    It’s time to get results from all your hard work

    FAQs about the My Map it Marketing Course

    My Map It Marketing's creator

    Rachel Klaver’s mission is to make it possible for any business owner to understand and take control of thier own marketing.

    She is a marketing strategist who loves making marketing accessible to any small business owner wanting to grow their business. She’s a teller of secrets, a sharer of insight and a lover of cool ideas.

    This course has been created using the same format and structure she and her strategy team at Identify use to work one on one with clients, or in group programme.

    You can also check out her podcast, her regular events, and her other courses and resources

    The many questions I had were all answered very well. I have been able to progress through the set up of my business online footprint smoothly and with very little difficulty. Absolutely recommended to anyone and everyone stepping into online marketing.
    A must for every organisation. My Map it Marketing helps any business develop a plan in a step-by-step fashion. Pure gold!
    Life Coach