Archived Courses

For everyone who registered to toolbox before December 2021, you will be able to access the original toolbox videos for free until July 2022.

It is important to note that these courses were last edited January 2020, and a lot has happened since then! For the most up to date and quality content, we would recommend our new My Map It Marketing course which takes you through creating your own marketing strategy, just like how we work with our clients one-on-one.

Marketing 101

Getting Better at Measuring Your Return on Investment

What Branding Will You Need For Your Business?

Do You Need Print Marketing? Things to Consider

Deciding How Email Marketing Will Fit into Your Marketing

Building Your Brand for Your Business

Does Your Business Need Traditional Marketing?

Setting Up The Basics of Your Digital Marketing

E Commerce and Website Basics: What Do You Need to Know?

How Does Digital Advertising Fit Into Your Plan?

Do You Need PR and Strategic Alliances?

Creating Your Action Plan - Templates to Get You Started

Digital Marketing

Creating Video for Social Media and Email Campaigns

Getting Started with Hashtag Research

Getting Started with Canva

How to Find the Perfect Time to Post on Facebook

Types of Audiences for Facebook Advertising

How to Create a Facebook Retargeted Ad

How to Create a Really Good Traffic Ad

How to Write Blogs Google Loves

Getting Started with Keyword Research

Sales Training

Closing the Sale on an E-Commerce Site

How to Change Your Sales Mindset