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If you know that marketing is one of the things you need to sort out to get through the coming months, if you know you need to  get help, support and guidance then come on in.

I’ve taken my knowledge and skills from working with hundreds of small businesses through my agency Identify, and poured it into this online training school to help YOU become a confident marketer for your small business. Toolbox is, and always will be free.

Please do know – we take your email because we send you emails to guide your process. I can 100% promise you this is not the entry to a huge sales funnel cycle where I try to get you to buy my premium package

It’s a gift. Please take it if you need it. 

– Rachel 

Frequently asked questions

Toolbox is our free learning platform to help you, the business owner, write your own marketing strategy and learn some essential skills. The only thing it’s going to cost you ever is your email (so we can keep in contact) and your time.
You just need to have the motivation and stay focused! We’ll provide everything else!
(Having a printer to print out the workbook stuff may also be a good idea!)
Feeling motivated and super excited? AWESOME! So we recommend you start with the full strategy, and do it in order. Everything should start from the strategy! It means you’ll be able to work out what you need to do and THEN the ” how” learning is more focussed! We send you an email when you join with a recommended order AND we’ve made it easy to follow the Marketing Strategy courses by numbering them – so… start at number 1!  
These courses are what I call “evergreen content” so there are some things that have changed a little since we wrote it.  (heck – even my hair colour has changed since we made this! The core of the material will always be relevant! But we’ll make sure you get updates as needed)
There will be other courses appearing overtime to fill in gaps and update changes. (Got a gap you need more info about? Drop me a line and we’ll see about making it into a course!)
We totally believe in the freemium business model. The more we give away valuable stuff, the more we grow! So we’re invested in giving you info, support and help.
Here’s where you can learn
2. My Youtube channel ( This is the best all-in-one place to come find videos on all things marketing)
3. Follow me on Linkedin if you know Linkedin is the place for you
4. Follow our Facebook page
Come along to a MAP IT if you are NZ. We run these all over NZ – and you can find the one closest to you HERE  

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Learning when you need it, whenever and where ever you are. All you need is the internet!

Marketing and Sales

Short, meaningful courses across marketing and sales, made especially for small business owners.

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Up to date and relevant content you can use right away.
Learn and apply!


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Levels of Marketing Training

We cover several levels of marketing training, to suit your needs today, and in the future.


The reward of investing in your own business.